Sample Stories  

 José Ozuna

   Vaquero Número Uno - (from May 1998 issue)

 Eustorgio Ramón

   Capitán de Los Pronunciados - (from September 1998 issue)

 Los Gatos

   Conjunto from Japan - (from October 1998 issue)

Los Pulido's 

   Legacy in South Texas Ranching - (from October 1998 issue)

 Ricardo M. Beasley

   Vaquero Artist - (from December 1998 issue)

 Fermin Canales

   Fermin Canales y sus Talismanes - Conjunto (from January 1999 issue)

 Ruby Nelda Perez

   Actress, Soloist and Comedienne - (from February 1999 issue)

 Ramon de Ynojosa

   Agostadero El Rincon de Corpus Christi - (from February 1999 issue)

 Charco Redondo

   Agostadero del Charco Redondo - (from April 1999 issue)

 Tercera Generacion

   Lupe Garza y Tercera Generacion - (from May 1999 issue)


   "Wash or Dry Stream Bed" - (from June 1999 issue)

 Machetes and Dinos

   by Joe Premont - (from July 1999 issue)

 Cattle Brands

   of Duval & Nueces County - (from August 1999 issue)

Barn Swallows

   from the Nature Section - (from September 1999 issue)

 Roads to Nuevo León

   Main Feature - (from November 1999 issue)

 Linda Escobar

   Tejana Recording Artist - (from November 1999 issue)

 Rancho Alegre

   Main Feature - (from December 1999 issue)

 Rosario Altamira

  Curandera de Encino, Texas - (from December 1999 issue)

Tejano R.O.O.T.S., Inc.

  A non-profit group intends establish The Tejano Music Hall of Fame

 La Gloria Church

  The original church in La Gloria - (from March 2000 issue)

 Rios, TX - Duval Co.

  dating back to 1835 - (from March 2000 issue)

Eligio Roque Escobar


Battle of Santa Gertrudis

  by Ernesto Garza-Saenz - (from June 2000 issue)

 Dora G. Martinez

  Pioneer Radio Broadcaster in Falfurrias, TX - (from July 2000 issue)

 Catholic Mutual Society

  founded by Father Juan Zavala - (from August 2000 issue)

 Father Juan Zavala

  early Catholic Priest in San Diego, TX (from August 2000 issue)


  an upcoming movie filmed in South Texas (from September 2000 issue)

 Jacks and Quarter Horses

  Jacks and Quarter Horses - Southern Duval CountyEstate of Manuel Saenz Escobar and Tomasita Vera de Saenz, Santa Cruz, Texas (from November 2000 issue)

 Lipan Apache Nation

  Read about the Lipan Apache of South Texas (from December 2000 issue)

 Premont, Texas

  The Mexican Heritage (from January 2001 issue)

Teatro Alameda

  Theater built during the 40s in Falfurrias, Texas (from February 2001 issue)

House Concurrent Resolution 38

   authored by Rep. Ismael "Kino" Flores (D-Palmview) (from March 2001 issue)

Press Conference

  Tejano Statue to Grace Capitol Grounds (from March 2001 issue)

Cowboy Honorees

  South Texas Ranching Heritage Honorees (from April 2001 issue)

Rancho Las Escobas

  founded around 1850 by don José Felipe Guerra Hinojosa (from May 2001 issue)

 San Ygnacio Sundial

  story by Antonio Uribe (from June 2001 issue)