South Texas Ranching Heritage Honorees - February 17, 2001 Kingsville, TX

Enemorio "Teco" Serna was a cowboy since the age of seven working at the T.T. East Ranch in Hebbronville, Tx. until he moved to Sarita on March 10, 1952 to work at the Sarita K. East Ranch. He worked there until his passing on March 8, 1997.

Librado Maldonado was born April 3, 1898 in Realitos, Tx. By the age of eight he was working cattle for the Lasater Ranch. At twenty he began working the Lasater show herd and showed Jersey cattle. In July 1925, he and his family moved to the King Ranch where he worked in the dairy barn and later assisted in the showing of Jersey cattle. In 1928 he was asked to show some of the first Santa Gertrudis cattle and from that point on he became the number one showman of Santa Gertrudis cattle. He showed cattle in over twelve states and many countries including Cuba, Mexico, and Spain. He quit showing in 1962 and devoted his time to the Santa Gertrudis auction bulls. He is still considered one of the finest showmen of livestock.

Nicolas G. Rodriguez is a third generation Kineño, following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps working at the Norias Division of the King Ranch. In 1943 at the age of fourteen he started working full time. In 1956 he was promoted to Caporal in charge of 18-19 vaqueros and was responsible for all the cattle at the Norias Division. He is known as a skilled horseman and master heeler using the Lasso Boltiado.

(shown in picture is Nicolas G. Rodriguez and wife)



Narciso Pulido, Jr. is the third generation Pulido to have worked on the Seeligson Ranch, north of Premont, where his father Narciso Pulido, Sr. managed part of the ranch. Pulido was raised on the Seeligson Ranch and fulfilled all the duties of a vaquero in his youth. When World War II broke out he joined the Army fighting in Northern Africa and Europe. After the war he returned to work on the ranch. In 1949 the ranch was divided into three sections amongst the Seeligson siblings. The sister, Lucy took one section and named it Los Jaboncillos and Narciso took over as manager. He was in charge of the cattle and showed them throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, winning many awards and bringing name recognition to Los Jaboncillos. Pulido left Los Jaboncillos in the mid 1960s.
(shown in photo is Narciso Pulido Jr., his brother Erasmo Pulido and James McAllen)

Homero S. Vera

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