Agostadero El Rincon de Corpus Christi

Don Ramon de Ynojosa, neighbor of the villa of Matamoros, denounced in Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas on November 16, 1831, 10 sitios or leagues of agostadero de ganado mayor*. After paying 300 pesos to the treasury of the state of Tamaulipas, governor Francisco Vital Fernandes granted title of “Agostadero El Rincón de Corpus Christi o Oso del Sur” to said Ramon de Ynojosa.

On June 23, 1832, Don Donasiano Garcia, mayor and judge of the villa of
Camargo and Don Ramon de Ynojosa along with witnesses José Antonio Velasques and Tomas Olivares, rode out of Cd. Camargo towards El Agostadero El Rincon de Corpus Christi.

On July 9, 1832, being at the place called El Rincon de Corpus Christi and on the border of the San Antonio Grant, I judge Donasiano Garcia took Ramon de Ynojosa by the hand and rode towards the center of the agostadero and said in high and intelligible voices, “citizen Ramon de Ynojosa, in the name of the free state of Tamaulipas and with powers entrusted in me, I put you in legal possession of ten leagues of agostadero of ganado mayor that you paid to the state treasury of Tamaulipas in Cd. Victoria on November 16, 1831.”

Don Ramon gave thanks to the supreme government of the state of Tamaulipas; threw water, cut grass, pulled weeds, and threw dirt in all four wind directions.

Survey of grant registered in Cd. Camargo on August 2, 1831, by surveyor, Lic. Antonio Canales Rosillo. The Agostadero El Rincon de Corpus Christi or Oso del Sur consists of approximately 81,407 acres, in Nueces county; Abstract N-411.

*Grazing lands for large herds of cattle.

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