Barn Swallow - Golondrina

The barn swallow or golondrina is a small bird that is found mostly all
over the world. It is very common in South Texas. It is dark black on top with a grey underbelly leading to a forked tail.They prefer to nest around farms in barns, hence the name barn swallow, but they will nest mostly anywhere that they are not bothered. One favorite place is under eaves of
houses, porches, or carports.

The nest is made mostly of mud with a little hay and twigs for support. The nest will be just a few inches from the roof of the structure so as not to allow room for anyone to get near. The barn swallows will usually have two broods of chicks per season with an average of three per brood. They spend their entire day feeding the nestlings. If one gets close to their nest they will attack you and seem to almost hit you. Once they get accustomed to you and that you mean no harm they will not bother you.

The barn swallows are the "top guns" of birds, known for their aerial maneuvering while catching flies and other insects in their flying pattern.

Once the brood chicks are big enough to feed on their own they will return
only at night.

They are indeed a benefit to the ecosystem of South Texas and I would encourage anyone to let these birds nest in your porch. Cleaning up their mess is just one small price to pay for their environmental benefits, not to mention the free air shows that they display.

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